SNAP-Cap Post Caps

10-Year Guarantee SNAP-Cap Fence Post Caps

Atlanta Post Caps offer a 10-year warranty on discoloration, fading, and warping of these fence post caps. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund if the post caps don’t meet your quality expectations and needs.  The caps are exclusively made in the USA.

Whether making a new home your own or giving your home a new look, the right post caps can give your fence or deck a distinctive character. A handsome fence or deck complements the essence of your yard and home, and adding post caps can make the effect even more dramatic. Our post caps help protect your fence or deck from damage and are easy to install and long-lasting.

High-Quality Post Caps

You can choose from a variety of colors and styles of post caps to make the perfect match for your landscape. In addition to making your fence look better, post caps can be protective against wind and rain and prevent your fence or deck from premature decay. Our durable post caps come with a 10-year warranty, so you do not need to worry about replacing them every time a new season rolls around. They are resistant to UV radiation from the sun and will remain bright and undistorted for years.

Easy Installation

Installing post caps should be only a minor task compared to putting in your fence or deck, and our patented procedure makes installation easy. Using the SNAP-CAP method, place the base on the post and screw it in through pre-drilled holes. Then, put the cap on top and snap it on. There are no screws visible after installation.

Our plastic fence post caps are the only patented post caps on the market, and they are manufactured in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta.  They are strong enough to withstand the worst weather conditions mother nature delivers. ASA resin is durable enough to tolerate the intensity of UV rays. We back that up with a 10 Year Guarantee that these post caps will not fade out to gray nor warp from the sun! Our patented plastic post caps cost a fraction of what comparable wood post caps would cost, and they last longer, too. And they don’t require any maintenance.

ASA Resin is superior to wood for many reasons, including:
  • Will outlast wood by a long shot
  • They cost a fraction of comparable wood post caps.
  • Won’t warp Won’t contract and expand - which wood does because of heat & humidity fluctuations.
  • Won’t decay over time.
  • Won’t attract gnawing animals or wood-eating insects. It doesn’t require any maintenance - and our post caps won’t ever need painting. (Although, you can paint them to match your landscape if you choose!)


All of our Snap-Caps are manufactured and distributed out of Metro Atlanta.


10-year guarantee

Our patented SNAP-Caps come standard with a 10-year guarantee against fading and warping.



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