8x8 Post Caps

8x8 Post Caps

Include a different level of protection to your fence posts with these 8x8 post caps. Protecting your landscaping has become more accessible by using fence post caps to extend the longevity of fence posts while adding a focal point of interest that enhances their appearance. When the Atlanta manufacturer uses automobile-level quality ASA resin to produce this product, you know you’re purchasing quality. Significantly, these 8x8 post caps contain other benefits, making them a wise choice to maintain your fencing.

These 8x8 post caps are large. However, the nominal size will fit fence posts with the following measurements:

  • 7.5 x 7.5 inches up to 7.75 x 7.75 inches for pressure treated wood.

The True 8” post caps will fit the following measurements:

  • 8.0 x 8.0 inches up to 8.25 x 8.25 inches.

Always check the measurements of your fencing before placing an order to avoid disappointment. Also, you can rely on the simple yet clever SNAP-Cap innovation to insert and secure these fence post caps quickly and effectively. 

Color and Style

You can employ many strategies to enhance your landscaping. However, few of them are as cost-effective and straightforward as these fun fence post caps. Moreover, you can choose from several colors and styles that you can use to create striking landscaping contrasts or harmonious color blends with the environment. 

Quality and Durability

You can purchase these fence post caps with peace of mind. They are made from robust, enduring ASA resin, the same material that goes into making cars and marine equipment, so you know they have a long outdoor life. 

Your purchase is available with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you order the incorrect size or are unhappy with your purchase, you can return the product—no questions asked. 

Finally, these 8x8 post caps have an impressive 10-year guarantee against fading, discoloration, and warping. This level of confidence makes it an intuitive purchase to protect your fence posts against water damage for an extended period. 




All of our Snap-Caps are manufactured and distributed out of Metro Atlanta.


10-year guarantee

Our patented SNAP-Caps come standard with a 10-year guarantee against fading and warping.



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