Actual vs Nominal ?


There is no escaping the fact that an 8x8 wood post is massive. Its sheer size means that the fence those posts are supporting is going to create a dramatic impact. Whether you’re looking for post caps that will protect your valuable posts, or you want to protect them and add an elegant decorative element to rev up the impact, our 8x8 fence post caps will do all of that and a lot more. 

8x8 Post Caps

Our ASA resin post caps, come in two styles: the pyramid top estate series, and the plateau (flat top) series. Our 8x8 pile and post caps are made of polyethylene, another type of hard plastic. We also carry 8x8 metal post caps that are made out of aluminum.

The ASA resin post caps are exclusive to Atlanta Post Caps. And they are the only patent-holding fence post caps on the market. ASA Resin is the material of choice for the automobile industry, and if it’s good enough to withstand the abuse that cars take, we’re confident it will withstand the damage that nature inflicts on our ASA resin 8x8 fence post caps

**Atlanta Post Caps guarantees the purchase of ALL ASA Resin post caps for ten years against fading, warping, or discoloration.**

ASA Resin is superior to wood for many reasons, including:

  • Will outlast wood by a long shot

  • It costs a fraction of what comparable wood post caps cost.

  • Won’t warp

  • Won’t contract and expand - which wood does because of humidity fluctuations.

  • Won’t decay over time.

  • Won’t attract gnawing animals or wood-eating insects

  • Doesn’t require any maintenance - and our post caps won’t ever need new coats of sealer. 

We carry two sizes for both the Estate and Plateau series. Both series 8x8 post caps come in nominal and actual sizes.

Nominal is the term that the lumber industry coined to describe wood posts that are cut when they’re green. A nominal 8x8 post is true to size when it’s green, and before it’s cut. Nominal posts are cut and then dried, and the drying process removes excess water from the green wood. A precut post will be a half an inch smaller on all sides after drying.

The lumber industry uses the term Actual to distinguish between posts that are dried before they are cut. Actual describes posts that are true to size when they’re cut because they were dried first. 

The Estate Series

The Estate Series is our most popular line of ASA resin post caps, and it’s easy to see why. These stylish 8x8 fence post caps feature a pyramid-shaped topper and elegant bands below the pyramid.

They don’t just protect your wooden posts; their architecturally sophisticated design adds a decorative to any landscape while providing an attractive accent for the property they surround. This is a classic design that will never go out of style, and you can feel confident about your investment in our Estate Series pyramid-shaped 8x8 post caps. They may even increase the resale value of your home - a positive benefit now or in the future. 

  • Our pyramid-shaped estate series 8x8 deck post caps come in black and white, and in nominal and actual sizes.

  • Nominal (standard) will fit posts that are between 7.5” x 7.5” up to 7.85” x 7.85”. 

  • Actual (true) size 8x8 fence post caps will fit wood posts that are between 8” x 8” and 8.5” x 8.5”.

Our two-piece patented SNAP-CAP installation system is easy enough for an inexperienced DIYer to do without fancy tools.

**And the Estate Series, like all of our ASA Resin Post Caps, are guaranteed against discoloration, fading, and warping for ten years.**

The Plateau (Flat Top) Series Post Caps

Our plateau series flat top 8x8 post caps are similar to our pyramid-shaped estate series 8x8 deck post caps. These classic fence post toppers are similar to the banisters you’d see on a high-end home’s staircase. These ASA resin 8x8 post caps give you the elegant look of wood post caps, but our superior material is free of the problems associated with wood post toppers. These plastic post caps offer the same protection as deck post caps from our Estate Series, and the will add a decorative touch to your landscape - whether you use them alone, or place plant urns or lanterns on top.

Our plateau series 8x8 post caps come in black and white in nominal and actual sizes.

  • The nominal 8x8 fence post caps will fit posts that measure between 7.5” x 7.5” and 7.85” and 7.85”.

  • The actual size 8x8 deck post caps will fit posts with dimensions between 8” x 8” and 8.5” x 8.5”.

The flat top 8x8 post caps feature our patented SNAP-CAP installation method that assures property owners of an effortless installation. The two-part design guarantees a tight fit and no visible screws. 

**The Plateau Series 8x8 deck post caps come with a ten-year guarantee against discoloration, fading, or warping.**

8x8 Pile & Post Plastic Post Caps

Our American-made pile 8x8 plastic post caps are made of polyethylene - a hard plastic that is similar to the ASA resin we use for the Estate and Plateau series. If you don’t want to enhance the design of your landscape, then our streamlined, minimalistic 8x8 deck post caps will protect your wood posts and extend their lifespan.

Our 8x8 polyethylene plastic post caps have two pieces. The bottom part has four predrilled holes to simplify the installation process. Once installed, the sleeve extends 2-inches down the post from the top, and the pyramid topper extends 5-inches above the top of the wood post.

**Every purchase of our 8x8 pile plastic post caps come with a 3-year warranty against UV-related cracking and fading.**

You won’t have to worry about birds on your posts, because these plastic fence post toppers tend to keep birds away. 

Aluminum 8x8 Post Caps 

Our 8x8 metal post caps are made of aluminum. They are only available in the actual size that fits true 8x8 wood posts. Aluminum fence post caps get their color from a powder coating. This slim, low profile metal post cap is a utility cap that will protect your wood posts for years. They are designed to endure any weather condition no matter how extreme it is. The classic design of these dual-purpose post caps will enhance the overall visual appeal of your landscape.

The 8x8 metal post caps are easy to install. The process involves little more than screwing a screw into each of the two pre-drilled holes. 

**Our 8x8 powder-coated metal post caps are not made in the U.S.A.**

**We guarantee the purchase of all aluminum post toppers against fading for one year**.