SNAP-Cap Post Caps

We are proud to offer customers all over the world, a line of ASA resin fence post caps that we distribute out of our Georgia facility. Our ASA resin post caps are the only patented post caps on the market, and they are made in the U.S.A. ASA resin is durable enough to tolerate the intensity of UV rays. We back that up with a 10 Year Guarantee that these post caps will not fade out to gray nor warp from the sun!


  • Our ASA resin fence post caps are made from weather-resistant hard plastic. It is the same material that automobile and marine vehicle makers use in their products. We have three design styles for our ASA resin fence post toppers.
  • We also offer 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 Post Caps in both pyramid and flat tops. The patented fence post caps serve two purposes: protecting your fence posts from any potential damage and adding a beautiful decorative touch to your fence and landscape. They are designed to prevent moisture from seeping under the post cap. Wood that is subjected to prolonged water saturation will rot or get moldy. Our superior quality fence post caps will outlast your wooden fence; and, they don’t require any maintenance. We are so confident in the superiority of our SNAP-Caps that we offer a 10-year guarantee against weather-related discoloration, fading, and warping.
  • Post caps in both styles come in black, white, olive green, cedar (reddish brown), and brown (dark brown.) Black post caps are very popular because of the dramatic contrast they create against a stained or natural wood fence.
  • All of our ASA resin SNAP-Cap's come in two sizes: Nominal and Actual. Actual - or True is the term that the lumber industry uses for posts that measure the named dimension. Unlike nominal posts, which are cut when they are green and dried, actual posts don't shrink during drying. "Green wood" is wood that still holds moisture, and the excess water dried out in a kiln, causing the post to shrink. Because of the premature cutting, nominal posts are always smaller than True or Actual size posts.
You can easily protect your fence or deck investment in less time than conventional wood post caps and with a much longer life span. 

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All of our Snap-Caps are manufactured and distributed out of Metro Atlanta.


10-year guarantee

Our patented SNAP-Caps come standard with a 10-year guarantee against fading and warping.



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