4X4 Post Cap │Brown Slim Profile

Four by four Mocha Brown Slim Profile Pyramid Post Cap. Actual Measurements fit three and one half inch post.

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You don’t have to sacrifice looks, function or quality when you’re looking for 4x4 post caps for your fence or deck railing. Our brown 4x4 fence post caps come from the slimline series of plastic post caps, our most economical and budget-friendly post topper product line. The addition of these fence post toppers will enhance the beauty of your landscape and protect your posts from age-related erosion, and any potential weather damage your fence support posts may experience.

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4x4 Post Cap (3.5") - Brown Slim Profile

  • Fits a standard (Nominal) post. (3.5” x 3.5” up to 3.75" x 3.75").

  • Slim Profile caps slide down the post 3/4” and are 4.5” x 4.5” at their widest point.

  • 10 year guarantee against fading, discoloration and warping!

  • High impact, remarkably sturdy ASA resin. The same material used in automobiles!

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Quick and easy patented SNAP-CAP installation, built right into the cap!

  • Fraction of the cost of comparable wood caps.

  • Contractor and bulk pricing available!

The brown 4x4 post caps in the slimline series are only available in the nominal size. What that means is that the description on the label refers to the measurements that the mill made when cutting the posts from green or undried wood. Cutting wood to size when it was green used to be a common practice back in the days before we had precise machinery that makes it easy to cut wood after it dried. Green wood is still moist, so it shrinks during the drying process. That means that the 4x4 posts that bear the word nominal on the shelf tag, product sticker or advertisement are really 3.5” x 3.5” posts.

Our brown 4x4 fence post caps are made in the United States from the same hard plastic ASA resin material that is used in the marine vehicle and automobile manufacturing industries. It’s chosen because of its strength, durability, impact and UV resistance. We guarantee every purchase of our ASA resin plastic post caps for ten years against fading, discoloration, and warping.

Unlike wood, ASA resin doesn’t shrink and expand with humidity fluctuations, and it won’t weaken because of the continual atmospheric and moisture changes throughout the year. ASA resin requires no maintenance, and that will never be the case with wood post caps. And one of the greatest benefits of our plastic post caps is that we’re selling you a superior product line for a fraction of the cost of comparable wood fence post caps. And they’ll last far longer, too.

Thanks to our two-piece patented SNAP-CAP system, you’ll have no problem installing your 4x4 post caps. Our slimline profile plastic post caps have two parts - a sleeve that slides ¾ of an inch down the post from the top. The post topper covers the top of the post, and the two pieces screw together, but you’ll never see the screws.

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