4x4 Post Cap │Copper Aluminum Pyramid

Four by four copper post cap for wooden posts.  Fits an actual three and one half inch post.

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Our slim profile 4x4 copper post cap is made of die-cast aluminum. A powder coating gives this distinctive aluminum post cap its elegant and sophisticated look. Whether your fence and fence posts are stained, or you want them to get the weathered look that comes with age, our copper fence post cap will protect your support posts, and enhance the overall look of your property fence, porch or deck railing. If you are a fan of the trendy and very popular look of wood and metal, the addition of a copper post cap will fit in nicely with your design aesthetic and vision. The wood and copper will age in harmony, creating a look that’s very much in sync with nature.

4x4 Copper Post Cap │ Copper Coated Aluminum Pyramid Top

  • Fits a standard (Nominal) post. (3.5” x 3.5”).

  • A simple installation of two screws in pre-drilled inserts on the side of each cap..

  • Copper powder coated aluminum will outlast any wood product!

  • 1 Year Guarantee On Finish

Like our other aluminum post caps, this copper fence post cap that’s part of this series is not made in the United States. This 4x4 copper post is only available in the Nominal size. Nominal is the term that the lumber industry uses when referring to wood that is cut when it’s green - or before it dries - either through natural aging or a faster kiln drying process. Before the lumber industry had access to precision milling and measurement machinery, logs were cut into posts and planks when the wood was still green. While wood dried, the moisture that was present in rough wood evaporated. In its finished state, nominal wood was ½ an inch smaller than it was when it was first measured. A nominal aluminum post cap will fit a 3.5” x 3.5” post.

Like all of our metal post caps, our powder coated copper fence post cap is fade resistant, and we’re willing to guarantee the purchase of every aluminum post cap against fading for one full year. Our 4x4 copper post cap is far more durable than a comparable wood post cap. An aluminum post cap won’t warp because of humidity fluctuations that cause repeated instances of shrinking and expansion. Metal post caps won’t erode, rot or decay from the weather, or from damage that gnawing animals and insects inflict on it. A copper post cap will cost less and outlast any similar wood post topper. And you will love the fact that a copper fence post cap requires no maintenance.

You’ll have no trouble installing your 4x4 copper post cap. The installation involves nothing more than drilling the two screws on the side of the aluminum post cap into the post.

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