Who pays if your fence gets damaged?

So you've worked long and hard on your beautiful fence and it's just the way you want it when, OH NO! IT'S BEEN DAMAGED!!!!

What do you do now?

Sadly the answer is, "It Depends". State laws on the subject vary wildly, but here's a general list that will give you some idea of what to expect before talking to your insurance agent. (ALWAYS verify with your agent...again this list is very general and as said before laws vary by state)

Tree Damage: A falling tree is the most likely culprit for damaging a fence. If a healthy tree falls on your fence due to a storm, it is likely your insurance will cover it. However, if the tree is rotten or known to be weakened, the agency may consider that foreseeable and preventable and not flip the bill. Oh the tree was on your neighbor's property you say? This is a case where the state law varies comes into play. Many states require you to notify neighboring homeowners in writing BEFORE any incidents, of dead or dangerous trees on their property in order to ensure they take responsibility for any damage to your property. Once the tree falls and damage is done who's at fault can still vary. In some areas each homeowner pays others the neighbor is considered at fault and pays it still other cases you have to file a claim on your insurance and its up to them to sue the neighbor's insurance. As we said to your agent.

Vandalism: Weather a break in the fence or graffiti sprayed on the fence side, vandalism can ruin your day. You'll want to get a police report on this one. Sadly unless there's a witness most vandals will go unpunished, but the upside is typically your homeowner's insurance will pay for the repair.

A Car Crashes Into The Fence: Depending on where the property is positioned, this kind of damage can happen more than you'd expect. Your policy COULD cover it in most cases, but a better option is to file a claim against the driver. Property Damage Liability Car Insurance is required in all 50 states and will usually cover up to $10,000 in damages. Filing against the driver also has the benefits of not raising your rates....of course if its your own car that crashed through the fence you can't file a claim against your own be mindful when teaching your kids how to drive.