Installing post caps on unusual and custom decks and fencing


Many of our customers call with questions of how to make our fence and deck post caps work due to a specific predicament that is outside the normal installations. After 10+ years in business I believe I have heard most all of them. Here are a couple issues and simple ways to fix the problem.

Q1: My post are cut at a slight angle, and your post cap looks a little crooked, how can i straighten it out?

A1:Cut a small sliver (or shim) from the end of a 2x4 or 2x6 at the angle that when placed under the installation tabs will level the post so that when the cap is installed; it is installed level. When doing this pre-drilling the hole that the screw will be placed will alleviate the risk of cracking the shim and should provide enough rise to keep your post cap level and secure for the life of the fence.

Q2: I really like your post caps but when the contractor built my fence he cut the tops of the post flush with the top rail. How can i still put your caps on?

A2: When we designed our Atlanta Post Caps we purposely designed them to slide down the post 1.5" . This was done knowing the the standard thickness of a 2x4 or 2x6 is 1.5" and since both the 2x4 and 2x6 are nominal sizes (2x4=1.5"x3.5")&(2x6=1.5"x5.5") and the standard post is nominal as well (4x4=3.5"x3.5") (6x6=5.5"x5.5") a short post can be raised by simply cutting a 3.5" section of a 2x4 (for 4x4 post)and a 5.5" section of a 2x6(for 6x6 post) to effectively raise your short post by adding these as spacers.Our unique designed post caps will then effectively cover the added piece of wood hiding the addition and allowing room to still use our caps and protect your fence and prolong the life of your investment.

Q3: I would like to know if there is a way to attach your caps to the tops on my railing since the post were covered up?

A3: Yes. I will refer you to A2 above...a rail cap can be installed by adding a cut square section of 2x4 or 2x6 screwed down to the rail. and since our caps slide down 1.5" the cap will sit flush with the rail itself hiding the added piece of wood.

Q4:Can i cut these post caps to fit one on a post that is up against the house? 

A4: Yes, We suggest using a fine tooth hack saw or band saw...but dremels and reciprocating saws can work. 

When cutting one whole side off the cap to fit next to a wall you should snap the cap together and place masking tape over where the cut will be made, this will help prevent cracking. Once the cut is made it is possible the top will want to slide off the base, a couple dots of epoxy or liquid nails on the inside of the top should hold it in place once the post cap has been screwed to the post...then caulk around the the cut so that any gap between the post cap and the wall will have a flush appearance.