#1: 10 Year Product Warranty

Atlanta Post Caps offer a 10-year warranty on discoloration, fading, and warping of these fence post caps. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full refund if the post caps don’t meet your quality expectations and needs.

The caps are exclusively made in the USA..

#2: Impact-Resistant Materials

Atlanta Post Caps offer various material options to create a unique landscape in your outdoor space. The patented ASA resin SNAP-Cap is the most preferred choice due to its UV and impact-resisting properties.

The material is commonly used in marine and automobile manufacturing due to its superior strength. ASA resin outlasts wood and offers protection from harsh weather conditions.

Another popular option are metal post caps. These post caps do not split or rot like wood. Despite a simpler silhouette, heavy-duty metal lets you create a custom style with powder coating or unfinished aluminum. These caps last for years at a fraction of the cost compared to wood and add a timeless decorative facet to your fence

#3: Aesthetic Value

For classic-styled deck and fence posts, nothing looks better than black pyramid deck post caps. Due to the pointed topper of pyramid caps, birds and squirrels will stay away from your fences keeping the area clean and requiring less maintenance.

#4: Variety in Sizes

Atlanta Post Caps offer fence post caps in two size variants: Actual and Nominal. No matter whether your posts are pressure treated and a nominal measurement, or if they are composite decking and a actual size measurement, we have a cap that will fit.

Choose the right sizing option based on whether or not you have treated fence posts. Remember, vinyl, composite, and rough-cut posts have actual measurements, meaning the post will measure 8 inches on all sides.

#5: Easy Installation

The patented Snap-Cap system makes Atlanta post caps easy to install without professional assistance. The two-part design of Black Pyramid caps includes a topper and a sleeve that slides down about three inches on the post. The widest point on the cap will be approximately 11 inches after installation.

You need a silicone adhesive to fix the cap. Metal caps come with two pre-drilled holes on each side. You can add a screw to each hole and drill it for permanent installation on the post. Ensure that the caps fit correctly without being too tight. A tight fit leaves no room for ambient moisture to evaporate, causing rotting of your wooden posts

You can easily protect your fence or deck investment in less time than conventional wood post caps and with a much longer life span.

ASA Resin is superior to wood for many reasons, including:

  • Will outlast wood by a long shot
  • It costs a fraction of what comparable wood post caps cost.
  • Won’t warp
  • Won’t contract and expand - which wood does because of humidity fluctuations.
  • Won’t decay over time.
  • Won’t attract gnawing animals or wood-eating insects
  • Doesn’t require any maintenance - and our post caps won’t ever need new coats of sealer.

Check out our complete selection of ASA Resin fence post caps here.