Finding those perfect pieces of all weather patio furniture can make such a difference to your outdoor lifestyle, providing you with comfortable options to relax on all year round. Whether you’re looking to bask in the glorious summer sun or crowd around a firepit in the colder months, having all weather outdoor furniture will give you an added degree of freedom in the way that you use your backyard or patio space.

We’ve put together this article to showcase seven great pieces of all weather deck furniture, along with describing briefly what it is that makes a piece of furniture suitable for all weather conditions.

What Makes “All Weather Patio Furniture”?

Using the right material for garden furniture is a massive part of what makes it suitable for all weathers, rather than just “patio weather” in the middle of summer. The furniture needs to be made from materials that can handle the elements, so you can leave it outside all year long without having to worry about bringing the items in whenever the weather changes.

Key materials that you need to look out for include:

HDPE Plastic

HDPE plastic is one of the best-suited materials for all season patio furniture, being waterproof, durable, and resistant to mold/mildew. Along with this, it’s also UV-resistant, meaning it can be used in furniture items for any time of year.

Polypropylene Fabric

This fabric is the best-suited choice for outdoor sofas and cushions in that it’s UV-resistant and quick drying, so it’s fine to leave out, rain or shine. Along with this, it leaves no dye stains, so even if it does get soaked, it won’t be ruined when it dries out.

All Weather Wicker

All weather wicker is a great choice if you want outdoor furniture with a classic woven look, without the complications that traditional rattan brings with it. Being made from resin, this material is waterproof, mold-resistant, easy to clean, durable, and UV-resistant.

Various Metals

Metal can be a bit tricky when it comes to all weather furniture options, in that the wrong choice can rust. Aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought aluminum, and wrought iron are all safe, rustproof, and durable options for the frames of all weather garden chairs and similar items.

All Weather Patio Furniture: Dining Set

Getting a full all weather patio set for dining with guests is a great place to start when looking for suitable deck choices this year. With a table for guests to congregate around and plenty of chairs for them to sit on, a full dining set offers a world of possibilities in the realm of hosting.

Whether you watch the August sun going down while sharing in a Mediterranean salad spread or get the heaters out to enjoy some fresh air with your autumnal stew, a good all weather dining set can always come in handy. This set from Corrigan Studio is a great choice, being made from powder-coated aluminum and all weather rattan, with polyester upholstery.

All Weather Patio Furniture: Waterproof Outdoor Sofa

Bring that living room atmosphere outside with an all weather patio sofa! Everyone’s spent afternoons in gardens with nothing to relax on but old wooden, plastic, or metallic picnic chairs, but it’s 2022 and the days of stiff backs and tired bums are over.

No longer do you have to choose between comfort and sunshine, with there being plenty of outdoor sofas on the market that are totally suitable all year round. As long as you make sure they’re made with polypropylene or at the very least polyester fabrics in the upholstery then you should be okay. Note: you should still probably cover or hide the cushions if you’re in for a real deluge, but generally they’ll be okay!

All Weather Patio Furniture: (Sun) Loungers

When you hear the term patio or garden lounger, you may think that the word “sun” is missing from the equation, but who said this was a rule? Lounging around in the fresh air is something that you can enjoy all year round, as long as the lounger that you’re using is suited to a variety of weather conditions.

Loungers these days come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from woven varieties that are more lightweight all the way to this sofa-style Multi-Position Lounger from Nova. This lounger in particular uses Sunbrella, a fairly new material on the market that increases the UV and water resistance of all sorts of outdoor furniture pieces.

All Weather Patio Furniture: Garden Chairs

All weather garden chairs provide some of the most space for personality and creativity when it comes to outdoor furniture ranges, with there being such a wide variety of styles and options on the market. Whether you choose purely woven chairs, cushion-forward armchairs, or more minimalistic and simple chairs, they’re always handy for enjoying a good book with the fresh air.

The beauty of good all weather chairs comes not just with their potential for differentiation in styles and design, but also with their versatility. You might want to enjoy a summer evening with guests and cocktails or to just sit and watch nature go by in the garden, and with the right chairs, you can do either.

All Weather Patio Furniture: Benches

A slightly different take on the typical outdoor chair, a bench is best shared with some company. While it can be positioned facing outwards on your deck as a sort of viewing platform for the garden, benches can also make great communal seating choices for around a dining/drinks table.

Benches are also a great choice for outdoor furniture, as they can often provide some really good multifunctional value. For instance, this bench from Rhinehart also functions as a handy storage container – perfect for garden supplies, cushions, shoes, or anything else that might fit in there!

All Weather Patio Furniture: Patio Umbrella

Just because your furniture might be UV or water-resistant doesn’t mean that you are as well! This, of course, is in reference to one of the most useful pieces of patio furniture that a person can own: a good, strong umbrella.

With a proper umbrella, you can protect yourself from the elements in rain or shine, making all of your previously purchased items of furniture all the more versatile and useful. Sometimes, the heat and glare of the sun are just a bit too much to enjoy, and a little bit of rain shouldn’t be enough to ruin your outdoor plans. That’s where the beauty of a good patio umbrella comes in.

All Weather Patio Furniture: Storage Container

While polypropylene cushions and upholstery features won’t be ruined by the rain, they can still be soaked, meaning that the day after rain, they might not be ready for immediate use. With a good, waterproof storage container for your more sensitive pieces of outdoor decor, you can help to maintain their quality and functionality throughout the year.

Much like benches, these containers are often also useful in a variety of contexts, with many of them also functioning as benches and seats. Along with being containers for your outdoor soft furnishings, they can be used to store outdoor belongings, such as tools and gloves. Either way, they’re a great choice for an all-year patio upgrade.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to all weather patio furniture there are a few things that you need to look out for.

Firstly, you need to focus on functionality in different weather conditions. Look for terms like “waterproof”, “UV-resistant”, “durable”, and “resistant to mold/mildew”, because otherwise, the items might not be as all-year suited as you think.

Secondly, you need to consider comfort. How relaxing do you want this furniture to be? Is it truly just for lounging out in the garden, or do you want it to inspire a bit more lively conversation over drinks and food?

Finally, the key aspect to zone in on is style. Whatever your style preferences are, scouring the internet and trusted decor sites is always your best bet. This aspect goes hand-in-hand with comfort, as it will also help to dictate what the furniture ends up being used for.

Whatever you go with, make sure it suits your needs and stylish sensibilities. For more interesting and useful articles on the perfect outdoor lifestyle, visit our blog today!