How To Protect Your Deck From Damage By Your Pets

Did you know your dog could damage your deck and the deck could also be a dangerous place for your dog!? Here are a couple of tips to keep them both safe!

1.Spray The Edges

: The most common damage done to decks by dogs is chewing on the corners and edges of the deck. You can prevent this by spraying those areas with a no chew spray (available at pet stores) or by simply keeping outside toys nearby so they chew those instead.

2.Deck Material

: If you're in the process of designing your deck and you have a dog that will be using the area, you may want to consider using composite instead of wood. This is more for the protection of the pet than the deck itself, as wood can splinter and splinters can end up in paws. Composite decking doesn't do that and it also doesn't weather, leaving the potential for screws or nails popping up out of the deck surface. Lastly, composite is more comfortable for the animal to walk on as it is a softer material. The downside to composite for dogs is it is easily scratched and the scratches tend to fade. Read our blog on sealing wood decks for more protection tips.

3.Oops Poops!

: Always treat your wooden deck. Dogs will sometimes have accidents and if the deck is treated this will be no more than a minor inconvenience, but if the wood isn't then it can cause a permanent spot that will serve as a lasting reminder of Fido's fiber.

4.Guard Your Grill

: Keep an eye on the grill so that a hungry pooch doesn't get too close and knock it over, possibly hurting themselves and definitely hurting your cookout.

5.Pool Safety

: Take a look at any outdoor pools and fountains. When we think of this our minds typically go to protecting children, but each year 5,000 pets drown in backyard pools. Be mindful!

6.Don't Tether

: Many cities already have laws on the books about not tethering your dog. This is especially important on a raised deck or stairs where there is the potential that the dog could fall and be injured or even strangled.

7.Toxic Plants

: Anyone who has ever had a dog probably has a story about it getting into and eating something it shouldn't. Those pretty backyard plants along the fence line could be toxic for your pooch, the azalea is an example. But don't overlook mulches, cocoa mulch for example is also toxic. Do your research before you plant, and of course keep any poisons out of your pet's reach.

8.Be Shady

: Pop up a couple of umbrellas on a hot summer day, or maybe install an awning. It's important to keep your deck area from getting too hot for those little paws to walk on. Use the five second rule, if you can't put the back of your hand on the surface for five seconds without it being too hot, then it's too hot for paws!

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