Post Caps

Actual vs Nominal

This is the complete listing of Atlanta Post Caps offerings of fence post caps and deck post caps.  We offer caps in both metal, aluminum, plastic resin, PVC as well as solar.  Our patented SNAP-Cap post caps come with a 10-Year Guarantee against warping, and fading. Our aluminum post caps come with a 1 year warrant for the powder coated finish.  Our PVC and solar post cap offerings come with a 1 year guarantee. 

Most of our post caps come in multiple sizes. Nominal and Actual are common lumber industry terms that refer to the sizes of pressure treated and rough cut wood.

SNAP-Cap Post Caps

We are proud to offer customers all over the world, a line of ASA resin fence post caps that we distribute out of our Georgia facility. Our ASA resin post caps are the only patented post caps on the market, and they are made in the U.S.A. In addition to our best-selling ASA resin deck post caps, we sell metal (aluminum), PVC, and solar post caps.

Our ASA resin fence post caps are made from weather-resistant hard plastic. It is the same material that automobile and marine vehicle makers use in their products. We have three design styles for our ASA resin fence post toppers.

  • Post caps in the slim profile are our most economical of our ASA resin post toppers, and like our 4x4 post caps, only come in a pyramid top.
  • We also offer 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 Post Caps in both pyramid and flat tops.  These caps are also offered in plastic resin as well as metal. 

The patented ASA post caps serve two purposes: protecting your fence posts from any potential damage and adding a beautiful decorative touch to your fence and landscape. They are designed to prevent moisture from seeping under the post cap. Wood that is subjected to prolonged water saturation will rot or get moldy. Our superior quality fence post caps will outlast your wooden fence. And they don’t require any maintenance.  We are so confident in the superiority of our ASA resin post caps that we offer a 10-year guarantee against weather-related discoloration, fading, and warping.

Post caps in both styles come in black, white, olive green, cedar (reddish brown), and brown (dark brown.) Our non-American made aluminum post caps also come in the natural metal color - free of any powder coating. Black post caps are very popular because of the dramatic contrast they create against a stained or natural wood fence.  We carry these post toppers in two sizes: Nominal and Actual.  Nominal post caps will fit posts that are ½ an inch smaller than the advertised size, while actual post toppers will fit posts that are true to their indicated size

Our ASA resin post caps are easy to install, thanks to our patented SNAP-CAP installation method.

Solar Post Caps

Our non-American made solar post caps come in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you’re looking for a modern accent, or something more traditional, our solar post caps will fit those needs. Colors are achieved through powder coating aluminum and electroplating. All of our solar post caps come with a spare battery. The lights come on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically, too.

Metal Post Caps

Our metal caps come in nominal and actual sizes in 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8. Their colors include plain aluminum, powder coated black, copper, and white. They are easy to install, with 2 included installation screws, and they come with a one year warranty.

If you’re sick of dealing with big box home improvement stores or having to buy materials from contractors and their dealers, we encourage you to check out our complete line of fence post caps. We’re committed to ensuring that all of our customers are as thrilled with the products we sell as they are with the service we offer.

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