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Atlanta Post Caps - 8x8 Post Caps and 7.5 x 7.5 Post Caps

Posted by Tim Settle on


Atlanta Post Caps and Tech Mold Extend Partnership to Continue Manufacturing Top Quality Patented Post Caps

[Decatur, GA] - [July 26, 2017] - Atlanta Post Caps, producers of the only patented fence post cap on the market, and Tech Mold, a leading southeastern molding and tooling company, have renewed their partnership to manufacture Atlanta Post Caps patented post caps.

Tech Mold provides a staff with decades of experience and currently serves some of the largest corporations in the country. Atlanta Post Caps is the leading provider of American made decorative fence post caps and fence accessories. The partnership will allow Atlanta Post Caps to continue to offer its industry leading 10 year guarantee on products and create its proprietary line of fence post caps for private and commercial interests of any scale.

Atlanta Post Caps specializes in ASA resin fence post caps that are guaranteed to outlast comparable wooden products on the market. The Atlanta Post Caps guarantee protects clients against fading, warping and discoloration. All products with Atlanta Post Caps branding, including industry favorite 8x8 post caps and 7.5x7.5 post caps, are manufactured 100% in America with a 100% money back guarantee.

"Tech Mold has done an outstanding job supporting our growth and providing us with a stable supply chain," Atlanta Post Caps President Tim Settle commented. "Atlanta Post Caps looks forward to continuing our partnership as we continue to grow our existing product line and bring new consumer options to the market."

More information about the Atlanta Post Caps company, its industry leading fence post caps and its partnership with Tech Mold may be found on the official website or through the contact information below.

Timothy Settle
2567 Park Central Blvd.
Decatur, GA 30035
Ph: (770) 808-0200

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