8x8 Post Cap │ Black Flat Top

Eight by eight Black Flat Top deck Post Cap for wooden posts.

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These deck post caps are an elegant, sophisticated modern take on a classic architectural style that is suited to any home style. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece that will allow the caps to fit in with your landscaping, or you want to add a decorative touch that will produce a dramatic impact, these plastic caps for deck posts will achieve those goals. Try to imagine the contrast between a light stain color on your massive posts and the sleek black. The distinguished look will transform your fence and enhance the overall visual appeal of your landscape while increasing the future resale value of your property.

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8x8 Black Flat Top Post Cap

  • Comes in Nominal (7.5" x 7.5" up to 7.75" X 7.75") and Actual (8.0" x 8.0" up to 8.5" x 8.5")

  • These caps slide down the post about 3" and are 11" at their widest point.

  • 10 year guarantee against fading, discoloration and warping!

  • High impact, remarkably sturdy ASA resin. The same material used in automobiles!

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Quick and easy patented SNAP-CAP installation, built right into the cap!

  • Fraction of the cost of comparable wood caps.

  • Contractor and bulk pricing available!

These black flat top 8x8 post caps come in two sizes: Nominal or Standard, and Actual or True. The term “nominal” refers to wood that was cut when it was “green” or wet. Once it undergoes drying, the posts or planks shrink. A nominal or standard sized 8” x 8” post is really a 7.5” x 7.5” post.

  • A nominal (or standard) post cap will fit a post that is between 7.5” x 7.5” and 7.75” x 7.75,”
  • An actual (or true) post cap will fit posts that are between 8.0” x 8.0” and 8.5” x 8.5.”

We make and retail our own line of fence and deck post caps in the United States. Our black flat top 8x8 post caps are made of the same ASA resin that is used in cars and marine vehicles. ASA resin plastic caps for fence posts are impact and UV resistant. They are also resistant to fading, discoloring, and warping. We are willing to back that claim up with a 100% guarantee on all of our ASA resin post caps.

ASA resin plastic post caps for fences will withstand the worst weather conditions Mother Nature is likely to inflict, including projectiles from tornadoes and hurricanes, or softball sized hailstones. ASA resin won’t weaken the way wood does from repeated instances of shrinkage and expansion. It’s considerably more affordable, and it will last far longer than comparable wood post caps.

Our patented SNAP-CAP installation system makes our two-piece 8x8 post caps a breeze to install. A sleeve slides about 3" inches down the post. It attaches to the post topper to create a barrier that prevents water from leaking under the cap and destroying the wood. At its widest point, these plastic caps for fence posts measure eleven”.

We’re committed to delivering the best customer service to our buyers. If you aren’t satisfied that our fence post caps are the right product for your fence posts, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

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