Actual vs Nominal ?


These post caps fit a standard (Nominal) post. (3.5” x 3.5” up to 3.75' x 3.75')

Easy Installation 
Installing post caps should be only a minor task compared to putting in your fence or deck, and our patented procedure makes installation easy. Using the SNAP-CAP method, you just need to place the base on the post and screw it in through pre-drilled holes. Then, place the cap on top and snap it on. There are no screws visible after installation. 

Peace of Mind with a Trusted Company 
When you take on a home improvement project, you want the support of caring experts with plenty of experience to be able to answer your most basic or detailed questions. We are a family-owned company that strives for unparalleled customer service. In addition, we sell only American-made post caps so that you can be confident in their origin.

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